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Let Me In Movie Review

One Sentence: A remake worth watching. Rated: R Running Time: 115 Minutes Release Date: 01-Oct-2010 Nudity: 1 boob Let Me In is the American remake of Fantastic Fest 2008 darling Let The Right One In (movie review).  I had a hard time with the original as it was in Swedish and I really had a […]

Hogwarts gets internets.

November 19th Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 releases in theaters.  I could not be more excited with a 24 cycle of Harry Potter movies running in the theater, driving my girlfriend insane.  Luckily others are getting pumped about it as well, including Vulture, who made these awesome pics of what it would […]

The Town

One Sentence: A lot smaller movie than you think it will be.  Rated: R Running Time: Not listed Release Date: 17-Sep-2010 Nudity: None In the last week I have seen Affleck on like 3 different shows.  The Town trailers are all over the TV, I have seen previews in the theaters and posters everywhere.  The […]

Catfish Movie Review

One Sentence: The Blair Witch's boring internet based cousin. Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 94 Minutes Release Date: 17-Sep-2010 Nudity: None I am already tired of "Catfish."  Internet dorks and critics gushing/crapping all over this, "is it real or not documentary."  This movie isn't even out yet and I wish it would die in a fire, […]

Facebook Page

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a requirement in our lives.  You can't do anything without it in our hip internet lives.  Schedule a party, unfriend your ex-gf, learn about a new Justin Beiber haircut, all on Facebook.  The Reviewer is on Facebook too, and you can get all your updates posted straight to […]

Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Review

One Sentence: Another crappy video game movie.  Rated: R Running Time: 97 Minutes Release Date:  10-Sep-2010 Nudity: None I am hopeful, or I at least try to be, but it gets very hard.  I love Milla, I appreciate everything she does regardless of how bad it is.  I think she is a trooper and really […]

Drafthouse Films open for business!

  Usually I don't post news but I thought this was something I should post.  The Alamo Drafthouse hero to all movie goers in the world has just announced their new film distribution movie company.  With their first release Four Lions.  Congrats to Everyone over at Drafthouse films and The Alamo Drafthouse.  

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