Going The Distance Movie Review

Going The Distance Poster Movie Review

One Sentence: Rated R romantic comedies are so much better. 

Rated: R

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Release Date: 03-Sep-2010

Nudity: Man Butt

As stated in my last review of Piranha 3-D, I like it when a movie is rated R for good reasons.  When you make a romantic comedy rated R, it is usually for very good reasons, and Going The Distance does it well.  I just like comedy that isn't watered down for the 13 year olds.  The whole approach to the movie seems different when you go for the R rating, it seems smarter, funnier and more adult.  Going The Distance is all of these things, and is a great date movie for you to go to this weekend.  

It seems like everyone involved in the movie embraced that they didn't have to censor themselves as much and it led to a very funny movie that also happens to be a date movie.  Everyone in this movie is hysterical.  The main characters were good, and I believed their romance, it felt natural and not forced.  This seems to be a gauge of how I rate romantic comedies now, if it feels natural.  Everyone in this movie felt natural.  Christina Applegate was amazing, her and the rest of the supporting cast really brought the movie together.  It was a very fun movie to watch.  If I had a complaint I didn't like the ending and when I say ending I mean literally the last 2 minutes of the movie.  However this detail is minor and my gf had no issues with it and she is the female so I am obviously wrong about the ending.  

There has been a lack of any quality date movies lately so Going The Distance is a nice change of pace.  So go this weekend to see it, it is well worth the evening price after dinner, or on Sunday afternoon or whenever you two can get to the theater.  You all are so cute. 

4 Stars 

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