Cryptozoic censors Warcraft TCG users

In a move familiar to the Chinese Government Cryptozoic management has decided to disallow users from being able to talk about the Blizzard CEO and post quotes he has publicly made to help point out the new direction of Cryptozoic after being acquired by Blizzard from Upper Deck.  In a recent posting on the official Cryptozoic forums, a user frustrated by the direction the new TCG owners Cryptozoic are going, a user announced he was leaving the game for good.  Within that post users posted information pointing out the well known quotes about the CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick, quotes about cost savings, making video games no fun, and that his only focus is to shareholders and shareholder value.  All of these posts were promptly deleted.  We can only expect that soon this level of censorship will be included in the official local events the Warcraft TCG will be hosting around the world.  Including events called the Darkmoon Faires and the Continental and World Championships, where they give out prizes to top players.   Will players no longer be able to talk about other card games or video games during public events like Blizzcon and TCG Torunaments soon?  It looks like this is the possible new direction from CEO Bonny Kotick, Blizzard and Cryptozoic Entertainment. An inquiry into this censorship to Blizzard of America was not returned in time for this article.   


Quotes from Bobby Kotick:

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