Red Movie Review

Red Poster Movie Review

One Sentence: The perfect birthday movie.

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 111 Minutes

Release Date: 15-Oct-2010

Nudity: None

My Birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, my girlfriends birthday is this weekend, so it was great to see this movie about old people kicking ass.  Red is a DC graphic Novel about retired CIA agents that was made into this very fun movie.  It is an action comedy that has all the right touches of action, comedy, story, and that reflection that maybe you are a little bit older but that is ok.  

Red seems to nail it, it is the type of movie almost anyone can watch from all ages, young to old.  It really feels like it was made for everyone, and everyone in the theater seemed to really have a fun time with this movie.  John Malkovich was just awesome.  He had the funniest character in the whole movie, and was so much fun to watch.  However everyone was really good in this movie.  

This is another great comic to movie adaptation that I think will do well this weekend.  I would check it out for sure in the theater it is that type of movie and worth the full price to check it out.  

4 Stars 

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