Jackass 3D Movie Review

Jackass 3D Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: One of the best uses of 3D in 2010.

Rated: R

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Release Date: 15-Oct-2010

Nudity: Man Dongs

If you don't like Jackass then you can stop reading now, if you like Jackass you can also stop reading now.  Actually I am sure no one even cares about this review, you have made up your mind if you are seeing this movie already.  There is nothing I can say that will change your mind.  This is disgusting, childish humor that is hilarious to me.  Others hate Jackass, that is understandable as this movie is hard to watch at some points, but I am sure glad I saw it. 

The opening is amazing, 3D all while being shot in super slow motion.  This is a different level of 3D cool.  They did some very fun things with the 3D, and it was used well.  The guys have gotten older, gotten a little bit more scared of the things they are doing, and gotten a little bit more bold.  The ideas are bigger, all while still feeling small and simple, and one of my favorite things is that everything in the previews are the weakest of the stunts, everything in the movie is better.  This is how a movie should be, that the previews are so good that you want to see it, but that is the worst part of the movie.  That is how Jackass 3D was.  Everything was better than what you expected, or grosser, and it was great.  With the high quality HD video filming and the 3D you could see them shaking with fear, literally shaking, you could see it in their eyes.  This Jackass is the best one yet in my opinion. 

This is one of the very few 3D recommendations you will get this year.   Go see this in 3D.  It was filmed for 3D, made by 3D filmmakers and is wonderful in 3D.  It is well lit, easy to see, and really a step forward in 3D filming.  This is worth the full price ticket tonight, if you can handle Jackass.  If you hated the others ones you will hate this one as well.  So it's an easy choice for all of you.  If you have never seen Jackass, good luck to you. 

4 Stars 


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