Morning Glory Movie Review

Morning Glory Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: This is not a romantic comedy and that is a good thing.

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: Unknown

Release Date: 10-Oct-2010

Nudity: Rachel McAdams in Panties

Yes!  This movie is not a romantic comedy even though the studio wants you to think it is.  All the stuff in the previews about the romance, that is all of it, which is great, because Morning Glory was a lot better movie leaving out most of the romance.  Rachel McAdams nails it as a workaholic executive producer who's dream is to work for The Today Show, but instead gets the 4th place network morning show.  

It's cute, it's funny and Harrison Ford was perfectly cast.  Mr. Grumpy finally got a part that fit his hatred of everything and it worked very well.  It is all Harrison Ford can do anymore so why try to make him do anything else.  He was wonderful playing himself and Diane Keaton across from him worked very well.  Rachel McAdams is super cute and was just as great as everyone else in the movie.  It just worked so well.  Morning Glory felt like a more fun Devil Wears Prada and I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. 

If you have a girlfriend and your other choices are the train movie or the alien movie, then act like you are taking one for the team and go see Morning Glory.  She will think you are sweet and you will have the inside info that the movie is actually good.  So check it out this weekend.  I would pay full price for this one.  I had that much fun with it. 

4 Stars 

  • Good review dude. Glad to hear this movie is good, the previews made it look mediocre at best. Leah wants to see it, so now at least I won’t feel like I’m being drug to a girly girl crap fest!

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