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The Top 10 Movies You Should Have Seen In The Theater 2010

The best movie of the year?  I don't know, let people who think they are legitimate make those calls.  I am here to help you save money, save time and see the movies most worth your money.  These are movies that I think warrant your movie dollars, they were in some way so good, either […]

The Tourist Movie Review

One Sentence: Slow does not mean well made.  Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 103 Minutes Release Date: 10-Dec-2010 Nudity: None 3 Golden Globes made me ignore the overwhelming bashing of this movie by critics and got my Christmas movie dollars.  I figured I had to see how this movie got nominated for Best Comedy or Musical […]

True Grit Movie Review

One Sentence: They lied to you, this movie is a comedy. Rated: R Running Time: 110 Minutes Release Date: 22-Dec-2010 Nudity: None I am not marking this movie as a comedy, and telling you all it is, because of some single joke that was in the movie.  I am telling you this because this movie […]

Winner Brian Leaf’s Name That Movie!

Well time is up and the entries are in.  I went to and did a random draw of 1-7, and the winner is #4 Heidi!!! Congrats, you won a copy of Brain Leaf's new book, Name That Movie!  I will contact you directly for shipping info.  Thanks everyone for entering, hopefully I can do […]

Tron: Legacy Movie Review

One Sentence: Not quite out of the Uncanny Valley yet. Rated: PG Running Time: 127 Minutes Release Date: 17-Dec-2010 Nudity: None Tron: Legacy is a beautiful, upgraded version of Tron.  It is a perfect cohesion of light, sound, and film.  It is a wonderfully made movie that is a great movie for the family and […]

Coming up at The Reviewer

This is a little end of the year update for what is coming up at The Reviewer.  The Review for Tron Legacy is coming this Friday, I am excited about this one.  True Grit review is coming next Wednesday.   The top 5 movies to see of 2010 is coming up right near New Years […]

Win Name That Movie! A Painless Vocabulary Builder Brian Leaf’s newest book!

As I have murdered most of the English language at, Brian Leaf, word genius and all around wonderful author decided I might need a little help.  So he is sending me a copy of his newest book Name That Movie!  A Painless Vocabulary Builder.  Not only is he sending me a book but he […]

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