James Bond January is coming!

 James Bond Janunary


Paul over at Paragraph Film Reviews wants to spend all of January to tribute James Bond and his many many films.  So he called up all of us fellow movie bloggers to join him for what shall be known as James Bond January.  I love this idea so I will be jumping on board with a goal of watching and reviewing every movie on the schedule.  I haven't seen most of the James Bond movies so this will be fun for me and the reviews will be from a fresh viewing of them.  I hope you come back in January for all the James Bond Goodness.  The schedule of movies is listed below. 


James Bond January – Schedule

3rd Jan – Dr No
4th Jan – From Russia With Love
5th Jan – Goldfinger
6th Jan – Thunderball
7th Jan – You Only Live twice

10th Jan – On Her Majesties Secret Service
11th Jan – Diamonds Are Forever
12th Jan – Live and let Die
13th Jan – Man with the Golden Gun
14th Jan – The Spy Who Loved Me
15th Jan – Moonraker

17th Jan – For Your Eyes Only
18th Jan – Octopussy
19th Jan – A View To A Kill
20th Jan – The Living Daylights
21st Jan – Licence to Kill

24th Jan – GoldenEye
25th Jan – Tomorrow Never Dies
26th Jan – The World is Not Enough
27th Jan – Die Another Day
28th Jan – Casino Royale
29th Jan – Quantum of Solace


  • That’s a lot of Bond to watch. What’s the over/under? I say you burn out after watching the 11th film!

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