Tron: Legacy Movie Review

Tron: Legacy Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Not quite out of the Uncanny Valley yet.

Rated: PG

Running Time: 127 Minutes

Release Date: 17-Dec-2010

Nudity: None

Tron: Legacy is a beautiful, upgraded version of Tron.  It is a perfect cohesion of light, sound, and film.  It is a wonderfully made movie that is a great movie for the family and highly entertaining.  It is worth the 3-D ticket price, and when the movie was over I had a great time, and glad I watched it.  Tron: Legacy is a great holiday movie.  But…

Tron: Legacy falls down in the same way the original Tron fell down.  It is an explosion of technical light and sound that doesn't deliver anything more.  If I was looking at it compared to the original Tron, I should have expected this, and I still maintain that Tron: Legacy is a great movie.  It just feels like you want it to have more.  Be more than what it is.  Be more than just a 200 million dollar technical achievement. Sadly, Tron: Legacy is only a technical achievement, that delivers a story that dies on the game grid.  It didn't leave me wanting to know more about Tron, Clu, the gird, or the new program, Quorra playted by Olivia Wilde.  It just served up scenes that were visually amazing pieced together in a way that made sense enough to end the movie.  I had a great time getting through those scenes, it's just a little bit of a let down that there wasn't more.  Something that would make a franchise.  

But really who cares, are we watching Tron: Legacy for the story, or are we watching it to see people derez in 3-D.  Seeing the Jeff Bridges computer generated character, who makes it almost over the uncanny valley (look it up), but falls short by just a tiny bit.  Wanting to see a new light cycle battle, and everything else that we have seen previewed to us for the last year in full 3-D with Daft Punk backing it up.  Tron: Legacy delivers all of those things and it is amazing.  I liked this movie so much I would go see it in the theaters in 3-D again.  It is just a wonderful collision of our technical achievements just as the original Tron was and it is worth your time and money to see. 

4 Stars 

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