True Grit Movie Review

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One Sentence: They lied to you, this movie is a comedy.

Rated: R

Running Time: 110 Minutes

Release Date: 22-Dec-2010

Nudity: None

I am not marking this movie as a comedy, and telling you all it is, because of some single joke that was in the movie.  I am telling you this because this movie is a comedy.  I would consider this one of the funnier movies of the year, I mean laugh out loud funny, and that just bothers me.  Look at that poster above, look at the trailers we have seen.  There was no indication at all this movie was going to be funny.  They lied to us, and when they lie to us, as always this movie automatically gets knocked down 1 star.  However not only did they lie to us, I think they let down the story, or at least the idea of the story. 

It says Retribution right on the poster.  From everything we have seen we know what this movie is about.  It feels like it is going to be a powerful driving story about revenge and justice, led by The Coen Brothers, who if anyone can make this movie deliver the power of that story it is them.  Yet from the beginning of the movie we are met with jokes, comedy and lightheartedness, about murder, and revenge delivered by a 14 year old girl. While these things are delivered well, and the movie is in my opinion very good.  I am very disappointed with the direction this movie took, and I really never felt like Retribution was delivered, because it never felt like a priority.  Comedy felt like the priority of the movie. 

This movie is a wonderfully well shot, acted and put together movie.  It is on many people's best of the year lists.  Jeff Bridges as expected is Amazing.  Actually everyone in this movie is amazing.  I would say the fundamentals of the movie were perfect.  Sets, lights, acting, cinematography, and direction were perfect.  Yet I think the biggest part of this movie failed.  The ending felt so unsatisfying.  I felt like I was led down a long path to failure, and I don't think that was the intention.  I felt disappointed with what I was given. 

True Grit is a great movie, that is rentable.  I do not think it is a must see movie for the year.  It is an entertaining movie, that is well done, but not anything that I will remember in a year or bring up as a movie masterpiece.  I wouldn't pay for it in the theater this Christmas Day. 

3 Stars 

  • marcus

    You are correct. Rental at best.
    I mean liberal pansy Bridges as a tough guy? That’s about as good as Beetlejuice Keaton as Batman.

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