The Top 10 Movies You Should Have Seen In The Theater 2010

The best movie of the year?  I don't know, let people who think they are legitimate make those calls.  I am here to help you save money, save time and see the movies most worth your money.  These are movies that I think warrant your movie dollars, they were in some way so good, either visually or so well put together that even with a full movie theater at home, like I have it doesn't do them justice.  These movies justified the full theater experience in some way or another.  Some of them you can catch on DVD, but some of them will not be worth it if you didn't catch them in 3-D.  

So here in a very specific order are The Top 10 Movies You Should Have Seen In The Theater in 2010.


10. Despicable Me

Despicable Me

This is my second favorite animated movie of the year.  In a year where I think there were more good animated movies than any other year, that is saying a lot.  Despicable Me was in 3D and it was visually amazing.  This movie was hilarious, beautiful, and had amazing characters.  If you didn't catch it in the theaters, you missed some awesome 3D, a crowd of people all laughing and having an amazing time together, and an amazing movie with a great story.  This is still a rentable movie, but you are missing out on some amazing 3D.

9. Step Up 3D

Step-up 3d

Perfect.  This is a single word I would use to describe the blend of music, dance and 3D that Step Up 3D accomplished.  You do not pay to see this movie for the story and plot, you pay to see some bad ass dancing, with bad ass music, with bad ass 3D.  This is almost my favorite 3D movie of the year, and something that you should have seen in the theater.  If you like dancing you can catch it on DVD, but you will have missed a lot of stellar single shot 3D not catching it in the theater. 

8. Kick-Ass


I loved Kick-Ass.  This is a fanboy movie, so if you are a fanboy you probably already saw it. To see this movie with a bunch of other fan boys, and watch Hit Girl kick a whole bunch of ass was awesome.  This movie breeds on the fanboy experience.  The energy that pumps into the theater when everyone around you is thinking the same thing.  Holy crap this is awesome.  That is why this movie is on the list.  It is pure fanboy awesomeness, it delivers very well with a group in the theater.  You can catch it on DVD now, but without that energy it might not be nearly as good.  

7. Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D

I should just say Piranha 3, because the 3D was a waste, but that doesn't mean this movie wasn't still worth your full price dollars at the theater.  I am so glad this movie was made.  In a time where recession, savings, and the down turn of our country was happening, someone said, I want to make a movie with as much nudity, blood, and death as I can fit into 80 minutes.  You have to see this movie on the biggest screen possible.  It delivers an unchecked level of gratuity that can truly be felt on the big screen.  The only way it could have been better was if I saw it at a Drive-In, to really get that old school B movie feel.  

6. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Ramona Flowers

If Kick-Ass was for fanboys, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is for the fanboy is all of us.  It is a culmination of 30 years of pop culture put into a 2 hour awesome movie.  There is no one out there that will not recognize some part of their lives in this movie or won't love at least 1 little bit of this story.  The great thing about seeing this movie in the theater, besides all the awesome visuals is the realization of how joined together all of us are.  That there is so much we share, and that we all can get behind this movie and hero.  Seeing it with your 250 new best friends is just awesome. 

5. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter

10 Years is a long time for a series of movies.  I think the Harry Potter movies have only gotten better.  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is a terribly sad and dark movie.  It is also a beautiful movie.  A movie that you must see as big as possible.  To hear as clearly as possible.  To feel as the characters do.  I don't think this can be accomplished as well on your small TV at home.  This one is just simply better in a theater. 

4. Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy

This could have been my favorite movie of the year, if the story had been better.  But even with the flat story I still think this is a must see in the theater in 3D.  This movie pushes forward movie making for 2010.  It is a wonderful symphony of light, sound, music, and movement.  You could almost get away with not saying anything in this movie and it would still be worth seeing in the theater.  You have the chance to still go see this in the theater, go now.  Today!  Before you party tonight.

3. Black Swan

Black Swan

Black Swan is as terrifying as it is beautiful.  A mix of visuals and story that can break your spirit, and tear your mind to pieces.  It is best to see this movie in the theater with others.  A movie that has so much force that it can make you forget anyone is around you, to have as many people near you as possible to pull you back into reality once this movie ends is wonderful thing.  It is very worth every dollar you will spend on it, and you can still see it in the theater now.  

2. How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon

The best animated movie of the year.  The best animated 3D movie of the year.  Only Tron had better 3D than How To Train Your Dragon.  If you missed this movie in the theater, you missed one of the highlights of movies this year.  It is a fun, wonderful family movie with amazing 3D animation that should not have been missed by anyone.  This movie is on DVD now and is very rentable, but you missed out on this on in the theater.  Next time I say go see a movie in the theater, I mean it.  

1. Inception


My favorite movie of the year, my pick for best movie of the year, the movie I tell everyone that hasn't seen it to go see the most.  Inception was the perfect movie.  I consider this to be Christopher Nolan's finest movie to date.  It is an amazing piece of work, and I think everyone in the world should see it.  It is the ultimate movie theater movie.  If this ever gets re-released in the theaters, go see it.  Even if you have seen it multiple times, go see it again in the theater.  It is that good.  It is worth full price at a Gold Class theater after having already seen it 5 times.  You see and catch more things every time, and if I have the chance to see this again in the theater, I will be first in line. 



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