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Quantum Of Solace – James Bond January

Bond: Bond is back, in Bolivia, and no one cares.  He can fly a giant plane and fight with a shoe, but his rage and anger are not allowing him to focus.  He is killing too many, and by doing so delaying his actual goal of finding out more about the unknown group of bad […]

Casino Royale – James Bond January

Bond:  Bond is back as a blonde with blue dreamy eyes that melt my heart when he stares at me…sorry, he's also falling off of things, missing jumps, getting quite beat up and well overall making a lot of mistakes.  Super Bond is gone and with Casino Royale a new Bond is born.  The human […]

The Mechanic Movie Review

One Sentence: Not your normal overdone Jason Statham movie. Rated: R Running Time: 92 Minutes Release Date: 28-Jan-2011 Nudity: Yes 1 naked girl. Did you know there is a Jason Statham movie coming out today?  I was almost completely unaware except I got an invite to a screening of it.  I didn't see any commercials […]

Die Another Day – James Bond January

Bond: Bond is back, and he is fighting North Korea, in Iceland!  But before he gets to Iceland, he is going to surf huge 20 foot waves with his super spy surfboard to stop some bad guys in the beginning.  He will handle torture, beat some of the best fencers in the world, and have […]

The World Is Not Enough – James Bond January

Bond: Bond is back…again…and quite frankly I am tired of his good looks, and sexy women.  After 19 movies I am starting to not like this fellow.  With his super cool speed boat, and his sexy women.  Oh look at me I am a total bad ass as I launch myself from my spy speed […]

Tomorrow Never Dies – James Bond January

Bond:  Bond is back, and he is dealing with the Chinese and terrorists.  Pierce Brosnan is back as Bond for his second movie, and there is not a lot to say.  I said that he was so polished and born for the role that it doesn't even feel like he is bringing anything different, he […]

Goldeneye – James Bond January

Bond:  Bond is back…he looks kind of like the old Bond, but he's a little more pretty, a little more polished, and a little more Bond.  Pierce Brosnan takes over the role as Bond from Timothy Dalton after just 2 movies.  Pierce Brosnan seems like he was born for this role.  Good looks, sharp tongue, […]

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