James Bond January Starts Tomorrow


Starting tomorrow for the month of January, a group of movie reviewers including the-reviewer.net will be watching, and reviewing all the James Bond movies.  We will be reviewing them in order from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace.  Each reviewer will be doing the reviews in their own style.  The list of all the reviewers who have vowed to join is listed below.  This awesome idea was started by Paul at Paragraph Film Reviews.  So come back tomorrow and all month.  Check out the other reviews all across the net all January long!

Aiden (Cut The Crap Movie Reviews)
Darren M (The M0vie Blog)
Marc (Go See Talk)
Heather (Movie Mobsters)
Caz (Lets Go To The Movies)
Andrew (Andrew at the Cinema)
Andy – (Fandango Groovers)
Clara (Via-51)
Mikey (The Reviewer)
Nicola (Average Film Reviews)
Andrew (Row Three)
Clarabela (Just Chick Flicks)
Sledge (Battle Royale with Cheese)
Erik (Film Jabber)
Klaus (Ming)
Jason (17 West)
Sarah (She Likes to Watch)
Joem (Does Writing Excuse Watching?)
Stu – (Undy a Hundy)
The Peoples Movies Blog
Susannah -(Not Really Working)
Java – (Java’s Journey)
Steve – (Watching the Detectives)

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