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BOND IN SPACEEEE.  Roger Moore is back as James Bond in Moonraker, the year is 1979, Star Wars had just changed movie making forever, and while Moonraker wasn't supposed to be the next movie coming out, For Your Eyes Only got delayed for the more space themed Moonraker.  Bond is no longer just a man, he can handle G forces that make most men die.  He fights atop gondolas over the mountains of Rio, and can dispatch a bad guy falling out of a plane without a parachute, and has no issues going into space whenever he needs to get his man. I liked these parts of Bond, but he questions a woman being a doctor.  Bond being someone of class, dignity, and knowing all the capable women he has come across in his career this seemed like an odd step back.  But overall I still am loving super Bond. 

Bond Girls: 

The good girl, Dr. Holly Goodhead was a CIA Agent, An Astronaut, and an astrophysicist.  She doesn't like it when Bond looks down on her, but that doesn't keep her from sleeping with James Bond.  She might have been a strong woman but no woman can resist James Bond.  I liked her look and abilities.  If I thought anyone wouldn't sleep with Bond it was her, but alas she ends up like the rest of them naked in his bed.  Corinne Dufour is a pilot for the villain who easily falls for Bond and sleeps with him and then helps him out with finding some information.  She is quickly killed and forgotten by everyone including me.  The third Bond girl is Mauela, who has few lines, a dress with a slit that goes all the way up, and is nothing more than a speed bump in Bond's bed notches.  She is very pretty and exotic.  I would of liked to see her have a larger role, but she is quickly forgotten and never addressed again. 


I really liked this guy.  Sir Hugo Drax is the owner of a California based company that makes the Moonraker Space Shuttle.  He is super rich, shoots pheasants for sport and has no issues killing people to get what he wants. What he wants is to go into space with a select group of beautiful people that he has been training, while he kills all humans on earth.  When all humans are dead he will repopulate the Earth with his beautiful people who will always live in fear that if they behave against his wishes he can kill them like all those before.  This guy is a whole nother level of crazy and it's awesome.  This threat is my favorite so far, it seems well thought out, it seems like something a crazy madman would want to do, and it seems like the most epic threat that Bond has faced yet. 


Well going to space, you know there are going to be a lot of gadgets, including of course, Laser Guns.  For the in space battle.  There is a wrist dart gun.  A mirror that turns into a TV, much like our LCD screens of today.  A cigarette case that was an xray machine to crack a safe.  A new tiny spy camera the size of matchbook, and a super speed boat with bullet proof screen, water mines, and of course turned into a hang glider. It seems like they are trying to keep up with the new world that Star Wars has made.  Trying hard to make a lot of things that are plausible and practicable.   It worked for me, but I am a total Star Wars and movie nerd, so seeing the transition in film history with this movie worked for me. 


I had a lot of fun with Moonraker.  Studying up for this set of articles on James Bond, I saw a lot of people saying they disliked Moonraker, but not me.  I really love this invincible James Bond who can do anything and stop anything.  The plots, villains, stories and woman are all bigger, badder, and more of everything.  These movies are made well enough and fit into my perception of who James Bond was that I am having a fun time with all this over the top craziness.

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