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Roger Moore is back again?  Really?  He is almost 60 in this movie.  However he does look better.  Perhaps some of that 80's plastic surgery got to him.  Either way, he looks better, has a bit more spring in his step and still can chase a manish woman up the Eifel Tower.  This is yet another movie that opens with Bond on Skis.  I am tired of Bond on Skis, how about Bond on a snowboard?  This movie might have been the worlds first mainstream look at snowboarding.   He later gets on a horse for a horse chase, and steals a firetruck now this is more like it.  Change it up a little.  I think Roger Moore brought his A game to his last Bond movie, I liked him a lot better than the last 2 Bond movies. 

Bond Girls:

James Bond sleeps with 4 girls in this movie, by my record keeping that is a record.  In the opening he sleeps with Kimberly Jones an agent who is in the Arctic with him.  She is blond and looks like a Charlie's Angel.  Then of course she is gone.  He next sleeps with Pola Ivanova in a Hot Tub in San Francisco.  I hardly remember this girl, but I think I thought she was Bond girl worthy.  Third is Grace Jones as Mayday.  Now maybe back in the day Grace Jones was considered beautiful, but I just thought she looked like a creepy guy.  Not someone I would jump into bed with.  The fourth girl, was Stacey Sutton, played by Tanya Roberts, an actual Charlie's Angel.  Who has amazing eyes and is one of my top Bond girls, except she wasn't very useful in a fight.  


Christopher Walken as Max Zorin a KGB bred psychopath and microchip maker.  This guy is crazy, and crazy rich.  His idea is to cause a double earthquake on the Hayward and San Andreas faults at the same time so that the Silicon Valley will get destroyed by the SF Bay flooding it.  Then he will be the only Microchip maker in the world, and will control all sales to anyone.  This is how it is done.  He is young, crazy, rich, and has an attack blimp.  Any evil genius has to have an attack blimp.  The idea is well thought out, made to look like a natural phenomenon and if it hadn't been for James Bond he would of gotten away with it.  


There was a submarine that looked like an iceberg, it also had a bed inside for some sexy time.  There was a Louis Vutton check imprinter that could copy a check that had been written.  A Microchip that was not susceptible to an EM.  Glasses that can reduce glare from the outside looking through a window, and a ring camera.  None of the items were really useful in the fight.  This was man on man Bond, on top of various wonders of the world.  The gadgets where just to get him going in the right direction. 


This is my favorite Roger Moore Bond movie.  I loved the villain and the threat.  I liked Roger Moore very much in it.  I like all of the Bond girls, except for Grace Jones, but she was good as a bad guy.  I loved that it was mostly based in San Francisco, and that Christopher Walken was the bad guy.  It was just a fun well put together movie, and I had written off Roger Moore after the previous 2 movies, so it was good to see him rebound in his final installment.  

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