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Who is this young man?  He has got no time for women, men, listening, or anything really.  He has got a mission to do and no one is going to stop him, or tell him what to do, he is James Bond 007 and he doesn't give a damn.  That is pretty much what I got from Timothy Dalton, the new James Bond in his opening movie The Living Daylights.  He is more like a cold calculating killer, than a smooth talking ladies man.  He has no spring in his step, no sarcasm and no tolerance for authority.  While the previous Bond's would work with his superiors, this Bond will have nothing from them.  They are obviously all idiots.  I did not like this Bond at all, he felt like a killing robot, who doesn't have a personality, or the moves that James Bond used to have.  Sure he can jump on a flaming truck, but he is not doing it with style.  This Bond has no style. 

Bond Girls:

There are only 2 Bond Girls in this movie, the first is the girl in the opening sequence, who is whining on the phone to her friend about being bored with the men she is sleeping with.  Bond happens upon her and it's time for sex.  She was always shot at a distance with sunglasses on so I never really saw her.  The second girl is Kara Milovy a plain blonde Russian girl trying to defect from Russia with her boyfriend who is using her to escape himself. She is a lost girl, who isn't useful for anything really but tagging along with Bond wherever he goes.  I didn't like her either, after View To A Kill, this girl is another let down. 


Um…there were Russians, in Afghanistan, there was an arms dealer who was selling weapons to the Russians, but it actually wasn't the Russians, it was someone else, who was going to sell them to someone else or something or other and there was a lot of raw opium, I really have no idea what happened in this movie or why there was a girl with a cello riding down a snow covered hill with Bond in the cello case.  There were a couple of bad guy, who were not threatening in any way.  It all seemed so unorganized, like no one had any idea what the real threat was and instead just threw together a bunch of random ideas of threats or things going on in the world at the time.  I am reading the plot online right now and I still don't know what is going on.


The Aston Martin is back, An Aston Martin Vantage Convertible. It is equipped with lasers, missiles, spike tires, ski out-rigging, and a rocket.  This is the best car Bond has had yet.  There was also a keychain with a key that can open 90% of the locks in the world, and can blow up or spew out stun gas when you whistle.  However all of this doesn't compare to the best gadget ever made for bond, The Deatho Blaster.  A boom box with a missile that shoots out of it.  It only appears in Q's lab, but this is the highlight of the bond gadget world. 


I am displeased with this movie.  I didn't like the new grumpy, do whatever I want Bond.  I still don't get the plot, and never really felt like it was a threat.  I didn't like the Bond girls, and the lack of Bond girls as well.  The only thing really good was the Aston Martin which was very cleverly tricked out.  I was ready for the transition into what I would consider the modern Bond's with Timothy Dalton but I was let down.  60 year old Roger Moore showed him up good.  

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