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Bond is back…he looks kind of like the old Bond, but he's a little more pretty, a little more polished, and a little more Bond.  Pierce Brosnan takes over the role as Bond from Timothy Dalton after just 2 movies.  Pierce Brosnan seems like he was born for this role.  Good looks, sharp tongue, smoldering eyes, and the ability to fire a gun, jump from a plane, and bungee jump off a huge dam in the middle of Russia.  He is almost too perfect, every move he has is perfect, he is always one step ahead of the bad guys and the ladies.  I do like him however, even if he is a character of the perfect James Bond, he is still likable and a lot more fun than the last one.  

Bond Girls:

The opening girl is a stuffy psychologist sent to evaluate Bond, instead Bond evaluates her pants.  She is completely forgettable, and just a bump in the road for Bond.  These opening girls are starting to be a bit unnecessary if you don't even remember them.  The good girl is Natalya Simonova, a level 2 programmer for a Russian weapons program.  Even though she is a computer nerd she can keep up with Bond, doesn't hold him back and keeps her red short hair as good looking as she can get it.  In my opinion a capable girl, but so how not a favorite of mine.  I think the bad girl overshadowed her.  Xenia Onatopp, is the baddest Bond girl of them all.  She kills men in bed with her killer thighs, she nearly has an orgasm when she shoots a room full of people, and she is just as beautiful as she is deadly.  Played by Famke Janssen, she shot up to the top of the Bond girl lists as one of my favorites.  


006, is the villain.  A former British agent and friend of James Bond, is out for revenge and money.  Not being able to handle the transition after the Cold War ended, he blames his former country for cutting him out and leaving him behind, so he gets a hold of a Russian space project named Goldeneye that can shoot an EMP with a 30 mile radius destroying every electronic device in that range. While he maintains his beliefs as the reason for the attack, he also is about stealing millions by hacking banks.  This made him feel a little less than a crazed mad man.  While crazy and powerful when he decided to also steal money, it just left him on par with common thieves. 


Bond got a new car a BMW Z3, which had all the usual additions that are Bond customary.  His Omega watch has a laser and bomb detonator.  There is a grenade pen.  A belt with a rappel line in it, and an X-ray serving tray that can see through anything put on it.  While nothing here looks to the future, most of the items used in this movie were very crucial to Bond's survival.  They really helped him save the day and were executed well. 


This Bond was 6 years after the last, a new Bond, a big budget, and a big movie made for a great transition from the last Bond.  Here we see a huge jump forward in budget and explosions and just everything has become bigger.   It is the modern era for James Bond and it shows.  More guns, kills, bombs, and beauties.  It is a well polished money making machine and Goldeneye, while testosterone fueled, is still a fun good movie, and a great James Bond movie. 

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