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Bond is back, and he is dealing with the Chinese and terrorists.  Pierce Brosnan is back as Bond for his second movie, and there is not a lot to say.  I said that he was so polished and born for the role that it doesn't even feel like he is bringing anything different, he is just James Bond, the character.  The combination of everything that everyone has ever thought Bond to be.  I don't know if this is a good or bad thing.  I don't even feel like this is an actor anymore.  I only see this into a look into a character's real life, and what he does is no longer a matter of opinion, he just is as he is.  It is weird to see it this way. 

Bond Girls:

There is a Danish teacher at Oxford who we hardly see except for being wrapped up in a blanket naked rolling around with Bond.  This opening girl thing has gotten a little bit out of hand.  The second girl is the villains wife, Paris Carver, played by Terri Hatcher.  I can not shake the idea of Desperate Housewives when I see her in this movie, so it is hard to take her seriously in this role.  She never feels like she is naturally in the right place, awkward and weird I just never buy her character or her motives.  It just never worked for me.  The second Bond girl is Wai Lin, played by Michelle Yeoh, she plays a Chinese agent, who is smart, resourceful, and determined to stop the threat.  The problem is there is no chemistry between her and Bond and along with Paris Carver, none of the girls feel like they are naturally into Bond and instead following a script. The Bond girls were not strong in this one.


As Pierce Brosnan is the stereotypical Bond, Jonathan Pryce is the stereotypical Bond Villain.  He plays Elliot Carver a media mogul who controls the biggest news and media company in the world.  The character is a mix of Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch and a Bond villain. It makes for an overdone character who is a bit too over the top.  Along with the threat he creates it just makes for a little too much.  He wants to start a war between China and the U.K. which will supposedly place a new leader in China, and he is working with that guy so he can get exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next 100 years.  This guy, wants to kill millions for broadcasting rights…really?  Really?  This seems an idea that is made up by a guy that is too crazy to be functional.  The idea is so bad that I don't believe a person would be sane enough to make it happen.  It just doesn't work for me.  


BMW is still on board giving bond a BMW 750.  Which looks like grandpa Bond's car.  It is remote controlled of course, and can be driven with Bond's cell phone.  The phone also has a fingerprint scanner, and a 20,000 volt stun gun.  There was also a stealth ship that could not be seen by radar.  Not too many gadgets in this movie.  Both the car and the stealth boat are very cool and feel futuristic. 


This seems like an outsiders view of what James Bond should be.  This was the first movie after Albert R. Broccoli died, I do not know if that has anything to do with the feel of this movie, but it just feels like someone else had their hand in making it.  It isn't the worst Bond movie I have seen, it just feels cold and separated from the idea of Bond. Like they lost their way a little bit.  It is totally watchable, just not my favorite. 

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