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Bond is back…again…and quite frankly I am tired of his good looks, and sexy women.  After 19 movies I am starting to not like this fellow.  With his super cool speed boat, and his sexy women.  Oh look at me I am a total bad ass as I launch myself from my spy speed boat onto a hot air balloon.  I get all the hot ladies, the bad, the good, and the doctors.  Sure I will take this BMW z4 and destroy it, I don't care I am super awesome James Bond.  

Bond Girls:

The first Bond girl is not an opening girl, she is a doctor, Dr. Molly Warmflash.  She gives Bond a clean bill of health and a little something more, and then shows up later in the movie as a useful doctor with lines and everything.  This is a new turn for the Bond movies.  I am glad she got a small part.  Much better than the faceless opening girls.  The good girl is Christmas Jones, played by Denise Richards' boobs.  She is a Doctor of Atomic Physics and wears short shorts and a tiny tank top in the whole movie. She is a horrible actress and probably the Bond girl I would pick as hardest to believe she is what her character is.  I just could never buy it, stop talking about plutonium like you know something, just run around in your shorts. 


The villain in the bad  Bond girl, Elektra King.  She inherited a huge oil company from her father after he was killed.  She then with her former kidnapper, now boyfriend are going to blow up Turkey with a nuclear blast so that her oil pipeline will be the only one going to the west.  She is smart, sexy, determined and evil.  She is an excellent villain and is one of my favorites, but her threat, doesn't work for me.  The idea of any business venture that will kill millions seems like someone will find out and you will get caught, with or without Bond.  If you are not destroying the world, it is just not going to work.  


This movie has some of the best gadgets in a long time, starting with the blue tint x-ray glasses.  They can see through the top layer of clothing showing underwear, and of course weapons.  They were awesome, and something I bet the TSA would love to get their hands on.  There was also a 3-D holo image of a bad guy.  Then a jacket which has a inflatable bubble that comes out of it for protection.  There was a super cool jet boat that can dive under water and went very fast over the water.  Every item in this movie was a great look into the future of things and were really believable applications, except for the bubble jacket.  


This movie was the best Bond I have seen in terms of action.  It was an almost non-stop ride of explosions, fighting, sex, and danger.  It really put it together very well and going along with that the story wasn't too bad either.  There were a couple of things that were not so great, like Christmas Jones, but the action really is the star of this movie and it shines.  A very fun movie to check out.  

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