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Bond is back as a blonde with blue dreamy eyes that melt my heart when he stares at me…sorry, he's also falling off of things, missing jumps, getting quite beat up and well overall making a lot of mistakes.  Super Bond is gone and with Casino Royale a new Bond is born.  The human Bond.  He has feelings, falls in love and gets tricked by a woman.  He has just become a double 0 and no one is sure if he is quite ready for the job.  He feels like a whole new Bond and it is wonderful, we get a consistent story about his life, from the beginning, we see reason, depth, and emotion.  This is a wonderful turn for the series and Daniel Craig as James Bond does it well.  

Bond Girls:

There are 2 in Casino Royale, neither are bad or good as they were in all the previous movies, lines are not so clear cut anymore.  First is Solange, a beautiful exotic woman who is married to a bad guy.  She sleeps with Bond even though she is married, but her husband is horrible to her and ignores her, so it is no wonder she falls to Bond's charms, however she is easily forgettable and is quickly killed.  The second is Vesper Lynd.  There is really nothing I can say about her besides she is the perfect Bond girl.  Deceptively smart, elegant, and beautiful.  The only woman in 21 Bond movies I have felt has gotten to James Bond in a way that allowed him to feel, this is even comparing her to James former wife from On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  She is etched into my mind forever as the reason James Bond lives as he does, and is the reason James Bond becomes the man he is.  


This category almost needs to get split in half, because there isn't a threat like there has been in the last 20 movies.  No huge global doomsday device, no mass killings of millions or anything like that.  Just making sure one bad banker doesn't get a hold of 150 million dollars.  The movie is different and it doesn't need this huge threat to be smart, thrilling or dangerous.  The Villain himself is bad enough.  La Chiffre is a terrorist banker who provides investment and return of money for the world's bad guys.  He has tears of blood, and is a mathematical genius.  He will do what he must to get the money, and is not afraid to torture or kill to get it.  He is convincing, and brutal.  A new picture of evil for a new world in this century.  He is wonderfully chosen and a look into the real world, that not everyone has a diamond laser, sometimes, just a banker can be the most evil man in the world for a minute.


The only one I can think of it the biometric chip that is implanted into Bond.  It actually isn't all that far from what we have now.  This Bond movie is more grounded in reality so less gadgets. 


This is my favorite Bond movie.  Last night after seeing it for the 4th time, I was still talking with my girlfriend about motivation of Vesper, the feelings she stirred up, and was she always playing Bond or did she change her mind.  There was so much going on in a perfect balance for danger, love, and action.  The new Bond for the new generation is a good one and I can only hope this trend of wonderful movies continues for another 40 years.  

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