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Bond is back, in Bolivia, and no one cares.  He can fly a giant plane and fight with a shoe, but his rage and anger are not allowing him to focus.  He is killing too many, and by doing so delaying his actual goal of finding out more about the unknown group of bad guys.  We are still seeing emotion and feelings from Bond here, which I like, but perhaps a little too much failure on his part.  It seems like almost everything he did here was the wrong choice and only made it out alive by pure luck.  I would at least like my Bond to be a bit capable. 

Bond Girls:

Gemma Arterton played Strawberry Fields.  I have seen Gemma in a few other movies and I think she is amazingly beautiful.  Unfortunately in this movie she is just a passing Bond girl who ends up dead in an homage to Goldfinger, but she is quite memorable even with her tiny part.  The other girl is Camille Montes, a Bolivian secret service agent who helps Bond save the day.  She is around the whole movie, and feels more like a partner than a love interest.  Bond does not sleep with her and they part ways at the end.  She never struck me as a sexual focus for this movie and is more of a tough guy character.  


I am not sure of the answer here.  There is a greasy bad guy named Dominic Greene that Bond needs to deal with but he only needs him for information.  The trail for the hunt for Vesper's killer has led Bond to Greene, and he is trying to scam money out of the Bolivian government, but neither of these things are really more than obstacles that happen to be in Bond's way.  It seems like we finally find out that the huge unknown group of bad guys is called QUANTUM and I believe is really the comparable SPECTRE from the early Bond movies, but all we know at this time is the name and "they are everywhere."



Only a multitouch surface with a stellar UI, but that is more like nice animation than a gadget.  Nothing else. 


I remember hating this movie when I first saw it, it hasn't gotten much better, but seeing Casino Royale and then this movie the next day has made me appreciate it a little bit more.  The reason being is I am seeing the arc of the story line a bit clearer when dealing with the new organization QUANTUM.  However this is only a slight back story, the main plot, and characters are not very good at all, and the idea of this whole movie is just about acquiring a tiny bit of information seems like a bad choice.  I hope they can get back their mojo in the next movie.  


Well that is all for James Bond January, I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did going through movie history.  Thanks for reading. 



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