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Licence To Kill – James Bond January

Bond:  Bond is back, well the 4th Bond is back, Timothy Dalton, the uncaring Bond, is a little bit more caring.  He is so caring that in the opening scene he kisses and embraces a bride to be of his good friend twice. Maybe a little too caring James Bond.  This James Bond is a […]

No Strings Attached Movie Review

One Sentence: Abby Elliott makes out with another girl in this movie! Rated: R Running Time: 106 Minutes Release Date: 21-Jan-2011 Nudity: None So the poster alone can get most people to the theater.  Natalie Portman looks amazing and let's be honest Aston is still a good looking dude, and as he has grown up […]

The Living Daylights – James Bond January

Bond: Who is this young man?  He has got no time for women, men, listening, or anything really.  He has got a mission to do and no one is going to stop him, or tell him what to do, he is James Bond 007 and he doesn't give a damn.  That is pretty much what […]

View To A Kill – James Bond January

Bond:  Roger Moore is back again?  Really?  He is almost 60 in this movie.  However he does look better.  Perhaps some of that 80's plastic surgery got to him.  Either way, he looks better, has a bit more spring in his step and still can chase a manish woman up the Eifel Tower.  This is […]

Octopussy – James Bond January

Bond:  Roger Moore is Bond once again, now in his 10th year as Bond and an age of 55 years old, he is showing it for sure.  We start seeing a lot more stunt doubles in Octopussy, a lot of shots of the back of his head or obstructed views to allow for his stand […]

For Your Eyes Only – James Bond January

Bond:  Those are nice Khaki pants you have on there grandpa Bond. Why that is a nice cardigan sweater you have on there. Don't break a hip running away from hundreds of armed guards.  It is 1981, and Roger Moore has been James Bond for almost 10 years.  He is starting to look older, move […]

Moonraker – James Bond January

Bond:  BOND IN SPACEEEE.  Roger Moore is back as James Bond in Moonraker, the year is 1979, Star Wars had just changed movie making forever, and while Moonraker wasn't supposed to be the next movie coming out, For Your Eyes Only got delayed for the more space themed Moonraker.  Bond is no longer just a […]

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