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Hall Pass Movie Review

One Sentence: A comedy without the message.  Rated: R Release Date: 25-Feb-2011 Nudity: One pair of boobs and 2 penises. Rated R comedy with Jason Sudeikis and Jenna Fischer seems like a movie for me.  Relationship comedy, with notes of 80's movies and the new rated R comedy styles really made this movie look appealing […]

1st Annual Oscar Picks Winner! – Eleanor Wins!

  Well last night brought what I guess is not very many surprises bases on all the high scores on the Fantasy Oscar Picks!  There was a possible total of 120 points, and we had two people with the highest score with 90!  I wish we didn't have a tie, but we did so there […]

Entry into Fantasy Oscar Picks Extended Till 3PM!

Entries are pourning in late, so I am extending the entry till 3PM.  If you want to enter you still have a chance or if you know someone who wants to enter but missed it, you have a couple of more hours to enter now!  Just leave a comment on this post with your picks […]

Drive Angry Movie Review

One Sentence: 3-D brings the return of the B-movie! Rated: R Release Date: 25-Feb-2011 Nudity: Lots of Boobs I got the invite for this screening and I had heard absolutely nothing about this movie.  I saw the poster and the date and that I had heard nothing about this and I figured this would be […]

1st Annual Fantasy Oscar Picks Contest!

Well I hope you caught up on all your animated shorts, because the 1st Annual Fantasy Oscar Picks at starts now!  The rules are simple, from the list below, reply in comments with your pick for the winner in each category.  When the winners are announced if you are correct you will get points […]

I Am Number Four Movie Review

One Sentence: I don't care what number you are.  Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 17-Feb-2011 Nudity: None I remember seeing the trailer for this movie a long time ago, and when the name came up people laughed out loud in the theater.  I wish I could say the movie experience was at least as comical as […]

Cedar Rapids Movie Review

One Sentence:  Male locker room nudity is funny. Rated: R Release Date: 18-Feb-2011 Nudity: Some side boob and man butt. You know what is awkward, slow moving independent comedies are awkward, and I am not sure if I like awkward comedies.  Actually I am pretty sure that I feel ashamed that I do not like […]

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