Drive Angry Movie Review

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One Sentence: 3-D brings the return of the B-movie!

Rated: R

Release Date: 25-Feb-2011

Nudity: Lots of Boobs

I got the invite for this screening and I had heard absolutely nothing about this movie.  I saw the poster and the date and that I had heard nothing about this and I figured this would be the worst movie of the year.  From a certain perspective this might be true, but from my perspective this was easily the best movie of 2011 so far and really has made 3-D viable for at least one purpose…the return of the B-movie!

Now I know that technically Piranha 3-D probably holds the title for the return of the gratuitous 3-D movie, but I figured it was a fluke, Drive Angry does it again outside of the franchise, and it is so wonderful.  This movie is horribly perfect, bad acting, gratuitous sex, an insane story, supernatural elements and Nicholas Cage.  This movie delivers in every wonderfully bad way.  Excessive gun play, horrible 1 liners that I am not sure if they were meant to be funny or not and a perfect 80's movie bad guy.  I came home gleaming from the screening telling my girlfriend she missed out on what I hope will be a trend to continue.  

If you are like me you might be skeptical of this review, or shocked that you are even reading this having never heard of this movie before now, but I am telling you that if you like B-moves, if you thought Piranah 3-D was the only legitimate use of 3-D in the new millennium that you should run to the nearest theater and check out Drive Angry this weekend.  It was just everything that you hope for in this type of movie and sets a new standard in bad 3-D.  

5 Stars 

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