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Exit Through The Gift Shop Movie Review

One Sentence: Art imitating life that imitates art. Rated: R Running Time: 87 Minutes Release Date: On DVD Now Nudity: None This documentary is nominated for Best Doc Of The Year so if you are going to play the fantasy Oscar's better pay attention to this one.   I feel like I have an edge with […]

Sanctum Movie Review

One Sentence: Can you survive the horrible acting?  Rated: R Running Time: 109 Minutes Release Date: 04-Feb-2011 Nudity: None So if you are like me, then you are confused about this movie.  Is it a James Cameron movie?  Is it a documentary?  Is it a nature movie or a horror/thriller.  I didn't know either and […]

1st Annual Fantasy Oscar Picks

    Hello everybody, have you seen Biutiful, Rabbit Hole, or Winter's Bone?  If not you better get cracking because soon you will be able to enter's first annual Fantasy Oscar Picks Contest!  How it will work is, approx 1 week before the Academy Awards, Feb 27th 2011, there will be an entry post, […]

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