Red Riding Hood Movie Review

Red Riding Hood Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: The movie got better or worse depending on if Gary Oldman was in the movie.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 11-Mar-2011

Nudity: None

Ugh, I don’t even know what to say about this movie, can I say that there were some parts of it I liked. Is that ok to say, am I going to get my man card revoked? The parts I liked were all action or suspense parts of the movie and shows that Catherine Hardwicke can put together at least parts of a movie that are interesting and not dripping with teen angst or dry humping. But don’t get me wrong there is still dry humping in Red Riding Hood. What kind of tween targeted movie would it be without dry humping?

So this movie is split into two parts those parts are either the Twilight/Non-Twilight parts or another way to look at it was the movie was good from the moment Gary Oldman entered the movie, till he left the movie. It really felt like two different movies and the one with Gary Oldman was actually watchable, with suspense and mystery that held my attention quite well. They went and ruined all these good parts with meadows, making out of freshly fallen leaves and other twilighty filler and made me check out quickly in the beginning of the movie and murdered the ending. It was a shame because the middle part was actually pretty good.

This movie is for the teens, and it will be great for them. I don’t see any reason to keep them away from it, and I think it will do well with that market. For the adults you will need a certain tolerance for teens doe eyed behavior to make it through Red Riding Hood, which I think has to be pretty strong to make it through this one. I think it’s a rental at best for those that loved Twilight, the rest of you can skip this movie completely.
2 Stars

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