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One Sentence: Don’t believe the hype.

Rated: R

Release Date: Now on demand

Nudity: Woman butt

Maybe the E-mail blast by the Alamo Drafthouse was genuine. Maybe the writer really loved this movie and really wanted everyone to go see it. That it is was a must see movie. Maybe it was marketing, getting me to pay to see it instead of just downloaded it on demand. I don’t know which is real but I find it hard to believe that tons of people were texting everyone else to go see this movie and that, this is worth of a theater release. The dead silence after the lights came up in my screening was an indication of how slow, boring and sleepy this movie was. Everyone just woke up with the lights came up and has nothing to say about the movie to the people they saw it with.

The idea was sort of neat at first. I liked the tire puppetry or whatever you will call it, and the off-beat nature of the idea of a killer tire. An hour later I was fighting to keep my eyes open and was wondering if it was ever going to do more than what it was doing now. Which was a very slow, boring journey down a dusty road, literally. It never did, it never went anywhere or did anything worth talking about. You have seen the trailer you get the movie, there is no more to it. I think there might have been an idea to make it more, but it never happened. It just rolled along slowly and occasionally blew up people, with an attempted multi-layer universe of characters that never worked. This is one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen, probably thanks to that original e-mail I got from The Alamo Drafthouse. From now on I know they are just marketing and I should not trust them as truth.

So should you go see Rubber, I have people asking me already, and it is a very strong, NO! You do not need to pay, or even download this movie on demand. It is not worth the time. If you are having problems sleeping, then download this and you will be out in less than an hour. I see no reason for anyone else to check this one out. Just watch the trailer and you will get enough of the movie to be satisfied.

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