Born To Be Wild Movie Review

Born To Be Wild Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: This is a made for IMAX movie.

Rated: G

Release Date: 08-Apr-2011

Nudity: None

I have been invited to IMAX movies for press before. I think I saw The Dark Knight there, and at least one more movie, but never have I been invited to an IMAX movie screening. What I mean by that is a movie that is only released in IMAX theaters and is only 40 minutes long. I am really confused by this push by IMAX films to market this as a normal movie. I was very surprised by the length of this movie and a bit confused.

Born To Be Wild is the first release shot on 4k IMAX cameras, in 3-D and visually it is amazing. The images are powerful, amazing and really put you there with the animals. It is a wonderful visual experience. I would think this movie would be perfect for people with kids who enjoy animals. It is a gentle, sweet movie, with no conflict or peril.

It is also 40 minutes long and has two parallel stories, so you can guess that the stories are not that in depth. I really felt like I was just getting really into the movie and the story lines when the movie ended. I was like, that is it? Where is the rest of the movie. I didn’t know it was going to be that short of a movie. I don’t know if the length is worth the cost of going to see an IMAX movie, but then I guess all IMAX movies that are not studio releases are this long already. So I would say it is a great addition to the IMAX catalog, but I don’t know if I would go out of the way to go see this at an IMAX unless you are taking kids or are already going to the IMAX for another reason.

3 Star Movie Review Born To Be Wild

  • Lora

    Imax is roughly $18 bucks. I for one was really looking forward to seeing this but 40 minutes? That’s is wrong and mean and honestly, there should be a push for proceeds to somehow help the cause otherwise it’s exploiting the animals and using the viewers to make a quick buck.
    I hope they post the length next to movie info on ticket window as I actually looked up online the length for a different purpose. The posted time between movies at all theaters lead one to not think twice about it.

    Who’s pocket is PR in on this deal?

    Off to explain to my 6 year old that tonight movie is broken and only playing the first half…LOL

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