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One Sentence: Deadly teen’s are awesome.

Rated: PG-13?!?!

Release Date: 08-Apr-2011

Nudity: None

What do you get when you throw La Femme Nikita and Firestarter together. Something awesome, and that something is Hanna. A carefully shot action thriller that is both beautiful and packed full of hard hitting well shot action. This movie is paced wonderfully between fast shaky cam action, and a slower paced story building line that shines with plot and wonderful acting. An amazing cast of characters help make this outside of Hollywood action movie work so well.

Hanna has a quiet peacefulness about it, in the midst of danger, murder, and lies. Saoirse Ronan carries the weight that Hanna has on her shoulders very well, in a balance of childlike discovery and dangerous instinctive killer. We see all of this brewing throughout the movie, leading to a wonderfully well shot climax. The movie is master-class film making. Striking balances between action and story, quick and slow shots, and even hot and cold environments.

Hanna is a great movie, that is worth your dollars in the theater. It is a little strong for a PG-13 movie and I am surprised by that rating. This movie is very adult and I would not be sending the pre-teens off alone for this one. The adults out there looking for a well put together action movie, this is the movie for this weekend.
4 Star Movie Review

  • Browntown195

    Movie-reviewer you let me down with this one. This movie was good if you like shitty movies.

  • Zai Anne09

    Honestly, if it were not for Saoirse Ronan, my favorite teen actress, I would never like the movie Hanna. It lacks more action, thrill. Something’s missing and the movie wasn’t satisfying, really… Thumbs up for Saoirse for playing the role excellently, though…^_^

  • Robobit

    The movie is too slow paced. Too bad since the story is actually quite good, just need more fast type action and more cuts in some of unnecessary scenes.

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