Fast Five Movie Review

Fast Five Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: It’s a heist movie.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 29-Apr-2011

Nudity: None

They got me again, just like all the others. I think this is why there are 5 of these movies. Hot girls, hot cars, hot action, how can you not love it. It really helps that these movies are at least somewhat well put together. A lot more so than a lot of cash grab action movies, so I can be ok with saying that Fast Five is a fun summer movie and I would recommend it to people looking for an action movie.

Is it going to win any rewards? No. Is it a deep thoughtful movie? Of course not. Is it some fun balls to the wall, well shot action, with humor, short skirts, and fast cars? Yes! I am not going to lie to all of you and say I do not enjoy these types of movies, and Fast Five I did enjoy. The last action sequence was really amazing actually, they really pushed hard with the action in Fast Five and it really came out well. I never felt like it was too shaky or poorly done. For a 5th installment of a movie I was really impressed. These movies have constantly impressed me with how much they are willing to do, even on the fifth installment.

If you liked the other four Fast And The Furious Movies then you will probably like the fifth as well. I would even pay full price for it this weekend, even with the bad acting. The action is totally worth it, especially the climax sequence. So check it out this weekend, give Vin Diesel some money, you know he needs it.

3 Star Movie Review

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