True Legend Movie Review

True Legend Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Wushu in America again.

Rated: R

Release Date: 13-May-2011

Nudity: None

True Legend has been sneaking around the world for a while now. Completed a couple of years ago the buzz of the first movie directed by Yuen Woo-ping since Iron Monkey 2, 15 years ago even made it all the way to America. We have seen a lack of Wushu movies in America since the huge boom when Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was released in America. The return of the legendary director/fight coordinator Woo-ping was enough to bring True Legend to America. Luckily the master hasn’t lost it.

True Legend delivers what you are looking for in a fight movie, a damn lot of fighting, including an evil master. This movie is almost completely fan service, all while being a good movie at the same time. Evil magic master, family betrayal and loss, drunken boxing, spirit masters, a bit of wire-fu, a touch of comedy and more fighting that I have ever seen in a Wushu movie. Overall it is very good. A well balanced movie that delivers what I am looking for and expecting. The only issues I had were the son in the movie was horribly annoying, and I felt like they could have switched the acts around to make the story end a little stronger, but that is nit picking on a very good movie over all.

If you are not in a major city you might never get this movie in a theater so add it to the netflix queue and hope it gets released in region 1. Those that are fans of the fight movies and have this coming this weekend to theaters should go check this movie out. It is subtitled but there is very little dialogue and is well worth it even if you do not like subtitles.

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