Bridesmaids Movie Review

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One Sentence: Melissa McCarthy is the funniest.

Rated: R

Release Date: 13-May-2011

Nudity: None

I have watched every SNL since 2001. Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey led the way for me falling in love with that show. I had never watched it before then, after Tina left Kristen Wiig had some big shoes to fill. She carries the female leader on SNL now very well and I think Maya and Kristen both are amazing. So when a movie with both of them starring in it, produced by Judd Apatow was coming out, I was super excited.

Bridesmaids is the movie you were hoping it would be all while not being The Hangover chick edition. Which I think is what a lot of people were expecting. It proves that you can have the hard R comedy done by all females and do it well. The cast is amazing, every single one of the main cast strikes a perfect balance that always seems to come from Apatow films. A great mix of characters that all shine in their own lights. This made it to where the whole movie was entertaining. I was entertained for every minute of the movie. The stand out start though was Melissa McCarthy, who I thought was so damn funny. Everything about her, her clothes, attitude, character were just so great.

The movie shakes out a little bit as a romantic comedy, but not in that chick flick focused way. It is a lot like most of Apatow’s films, a well rounded story, of friends, love, comedy and crazy shit. All put together in a perfect way that will make you laugh your ass off. So yes Bridesmaids comes highly recommended. It is as funny as it looks all while being very original. I would pay full price for this movie and approve it as date movie worthy.

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