The Hangover Part 2 Movie Review

The Hangover 2 Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: The line from funny to horrifying has been crossed.

Rated: R

Release Date: 26-May-2011

Nudity: All kinds

I am going to sound like a tired old movie review, when I say this, but The Hangover 2 crossed a line. But the line I am talking about is not one of obscenity, I mean this movie is obscene, vulgar, gross, and all of that. I don’t care if it is all those things as long as it is funny. The line it crossed was from being funny to just being dark or gross. The line is a razor thin one, one they were balancing on very well in the original, and one they could not handle a second time. The Hangover 2 is hardly funny, and more like a remake of the original with the idea of instead of being funny, being scary.

This movie is as most expected almost identical to the first as far as plot and story go. So much so at some points that I was really disappointed that they did as much the same as they did. It felt really lazy. Then everything funny from the first movie was either redone the same so it was less funny as the first time, or if they did it differently, it was so messed up that it wasn’t funny, it was sad, or scary. I was more tense than laughing through the whole movie. It just kept getting worse and worse down a darker and darker hole. It wasn’t about a bad night anymore it was about a bad life. It was just so negative it just wasn’t funny anymore.

I am sure some out there will call me weak for what I say and will love this movie. Right on I do not fault them for liking it. For me this movie was just too much, so much in fact that I do not recommend this movie at all. This is a completely skippable movie. Not even a renter on Netflix. There is just nothing new or funny enough to be worth the 2 hours even at home for free.

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