Green Lantern Movie Review

Green Lantern Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: I hope I can stay awake through writing the review, something that didn’t happen during the movie.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 17-Jun-2011

Nudity: None

So I checked action movie at the category of movie because I have to check something for this movie. But I don’t know if action is the right word. Most like glowing green movie that is mostly slow and kind of ends. That is how I would describe the Green Lantern, which I guess in the comic book world is kind of a big deal. He just looks like a green suited dork to me, and his alien buddies look just as dorky. It didn’t feel cool, or like he was a super hero, or that I connected with any of it. I just didn’t get it.

Everything didn’t seem to work for me in this movie. Ryan Reynolds didn’t work. I didn’t buy any of his character. I didn’t buy the Green Lantern is a badass thing. I didn’t get the bad guy and that we were supposed to fear him. I didn’t like the origin, the planets, the aliens, the 3-D. I didn’t like any of it. It was just so slow and boring and I didn’t care. I cared about how long it was, and that is it. Is this movie not over yet, why are you all still talking go fight something. Oh that was the fight, that was about the lamest thing possible.

I am not a new fan of Green Lantern, and I do not think you should go see it. I would even say fans can skip this movie but I know that will fall on deaf ears. So I guess this is a warning go in with low expectations and you might make it out alive. Oh and forget the 3-D I didn’t even notice it was in 3-D the whole time so don’t waste the money.

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