Bad Teacher Movie Review

Bad Teacher Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: All about Cameron Diaz’s Boobs.

Rated: R

Release Date: 24-Jun-2011

Nudity: Lots of boobs

I am pretty excited about this movie. I think Cameron Diaz is strongest in comedy, and I also think Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel are very hilarious. So mix them all together in a rated R comedy and I am pretty much sold. Add Lucy Punch who is new to me, but very awesome, and Phyllis Smith from The Office and Thomas Lennon and it really made for a great casting mix of solid comedy. That led to a very solid rated R comedy.

Rated R comedies are my favorite genre of movie so it has to be really strong to get a good rating from me, and Bad Teacher, is at least pretty solid. It wasn’t as funny as Bridesmaids if you are looking for a comparison, but it was still quite good. Lucy Punch who played the perfect teacher Ms. Squirrel was the stand out comedy master in this movie. However everyone brought together a funny movie that wasn’t a disappointment in any way. Cameron is raw and raunchy and I think a lot of people will love this side of her.

I think Bad Teacher is a good choice for the adults out there for the weekend. I think it’s worth a matinee price for sure. If you are out on a date this is a good dinner and a movie flick as well. It is not for the kids at all, so keep them at home. If you are on the fence of this vs Cars 2, I think Pixar is always the solid choice, but I haven’t seen Cars, so that is a guess.

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