Transformers Dark Of The Moon Movie Review

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: The final battle is over an hour long.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 29-Jun-2011

Nudity: None

After about 20 minutes or so I felt ok. I felt like everything was going to be ok, and that this movie unlike Transformers 2 was at least going to be watchable. It ended up being more than watchable, it ended up being the type of movie you expect on the 4th of July. At least there will be fireworks in the theater made by ass kicking robots, if there aren’t any in your city because of the drought.

Transformers Dark Of The Moon is the movie that should of been part 2. It is as good as the first movie, has a good comic book style story, and a lot of big and new kick ass transformers. Shockwave appears and is amazing. Soundwave is back with a much bigger role with Laserbeak, no Ravage though. Megatron looks really amazing but was kind of pushed off to the side a little. In 3D the giant kick ass robots work well, especially when they use slow-mo. It really delivers your money’s worth for a big summer movie. Which is really all you are looking for right. As long as you can tolerate it and there are kick ass robots what more do you need? The movie goes past tolerate though and actually is pretty solid for a Michael Bay movie.

I thought that Harry Potter should of been the 4th of July movie and I am not saying that I expect less of Harry Potter, but Transformers Dark Of The Moon actually fits well into this space. It is the kick ass, flag waving, go America movie with explosions, guns and giant transforming robots that we expect on 4th of July. So line up starting today to go see an American original, based on Japanese toys.

  • Basingstoke_Peter

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  • Basingstoke_Peter

    I sure do love talking to myself. If only I had some friends to go and watch these films with instead of sitting here reading reviews of them.

  • Eddie_Murphy

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  • Alien_Murphy

    Actors are real people you do know.

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