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Crazy Stupid Love Movie Review

One Sentence: Sweet enough to forget about tomorrow. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 29-Aug-2011 Nudity: None Take the actor in the movie and put them in their stereotype, and you have Crazy Stupid Love. Steve Carell a older guy who the world beat up a little bit. Julianne Moore cries about something she did wrong. Emma […]

Friends With Benefits Movie Review

One Sentence: Fun and sweet enough. Rated: R Release Date: 22-Jul-2011 Nudity: Strategic Mila Kunis and Justin nudity, Cake Batter Boobs. I know that this is supposedly the same movie as No Strings Attached that came out a few months ago, but this one has Justin Timberlake in it. Actually it does feel like a […]

Captain America Movie Review

One Sentence: I just didn’t care. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 22-Jul-2011 Nudity: None I almost cared. The first act of this movie about a man who’s parents died in the war and he wanted to go fight nazi’s even though he was a sickly ill little man. That part, I liked. Stanley Tucci kept my […]

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie Review

One Sentence: Perfect. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 15-Jul-2011 Nudity: None What more can I say that I didn’t already say above. It is perfect. I loved every second of it. I am of course blinded by super fanboy disease and would really have a hard time hating this movie. But it really did deliver on […]

Horrible Bosses Movie Review

One Sentence: Jennifer Aniston’s best role since Leprechaun. Rated: R Release Date: 08-Jul-2011 Nudity: None YES! This is the movie that you hoped it would be from the previews. This is exactly what you hoped would happen when you put everyone on that poster together. It is as funny as you are hoping it would […]

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