Captain America Movie Review

Captain America Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: I just didn’t care.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 22-Jul-2011

Nudity: None

I almost cared. The first act of this movie about a man who’s parents died in the war and he wanted to go fight nazi’s even though he was a sickly ill little man. That part, I liked. Stanley Tucci kept my attention and the whole movie was going in the right direction. Kick Hitler’s ass, German science, go America. I was liking it enough to even try to overlook the horribly dark 3-D conversion which destroyed any type of color pallet the art director was going for. Then Captain America showed up.

This movie went from depth of character and story to Live action G.I Joe cartoon in about 10 seconds. Everything about the first part of the movie felt like it was thrown away for some sort of unclear threat from a red Nazi. I didn’t get it. Where was the movie I was watching before, and why do I care about this crazy guy and his blue lasers.

It all just fell apart and the fact that most of the movie took place during World War II as an origin story didn’t help. We know who won World War II and we know what happened, so this alternate universe story didn’t work as we know the resolution. It didn’t feel like any sort of major threat or conflict was pressing down on us. I didn’t love Captain America as an inspiring figure or super hero. Overall I just didn’t like this movie.

I feel like if you are into Super Heroes and the whole Avengers story arc, you can get through this movie just fine. I would not pay for 3-D as it is horrible. However I am not really backing this movie. I think it is a rental at best, and only to fill in the story gap for The Avengers movie. If they were not making another one, I would say you can skip this movie completely.

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