Crazy Stupid Love Movie Review

Crazy Stupid Love Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Sweet enough to forget about tomorrow.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 29-Aug-2011

Nudity: None

Take the actor in the movie and put them in their stereotype, and you have Crazy Stupid Love. Steve Carell a older guy who the world beat up a little bit. Julianne Moore cries about something she did wrong. Emma Stone level headed and understanding, but 15 pounds lighter than she used to be. Why do you destroy the hot ones Hollywood. Ryan Gosling a quirky small lover…well, he played a different role at least.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a tired thing. It doesn’t make for anything new and exciting. There is a surprise almost near the end of the movie and it was the most exciting thing that happened in the movie. The movie coasts along on it’s predicted path easily and without making you love or hate this movie. Till finally something sort of interesting happens, and then the movie ends. Not too much crazy, a little bit of stupid, and some love. There is nothing wrong with this movie, but there is nothing really right about it either. It is just there, in the middle of summer saying hey check me out I am competing with Cowboys and Aliens, and I really shouldn’t be.

I can not say pick this movie this weekend to see in the box office. I really can’t say you ever need to see this movie. No one does anything truly amazing that is a must see. Ryan Gosling plays a fun role, but you aren’t going to miss out on conversations and buzz if you don’t see it. No one is going to be talking about it on Monday, and in a year, no one you know will remember this movie ever came out. This movie is ok, and since it is just ok I see no reason for you to spend any of your summer dollars to go see Crazy Stupid Love.

  • Parker

    I loved the cast in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love to be
    honest they are an amazing crew. I know it seemed like the same thing different
    day but it still cracked me up! I was really glad that I got the Blockbuster
    movie pass so I can stream thousands of on demand titles through my receiver or
    get movies, TV shows through the mail and it only cost me $10.00 a month for
    being a existing DISH customer. Since I work for DISH this is not a problem for
    me. If you have got the BBMP get it and rent CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE!

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