The Change Up Movie Review

The Change Up Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Rated R version of the same movie.

Rated: R

Release Date: 05-Aug-2011

Nudity: Yes lots, including Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde’s CG nipples.

I like Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bateman, Olivia Wilde, and Leslie Mann. Put them in a rated R movie that doesn’t suck and that is pretty much all I ask for. The Change Up does all of those things. It has all of those actors in it and doesn’t suck. It is wild, a little sweet, has nudity, and the same story as all the other of the body switch movies. A self reflection moment, and some hijinks.

I guess you can argue the whole CG fake nudity thing. Some people seem to be a little upset, I am not sure if I have an opinion on it, but pretty much any nudity you see by the main stars is some sort of CG. It looks real enough for me, but it seems to be buzzing around the internet, so I figured I would mention it.

I would go see this movie this weekend. It is good enough and funny enough to pay for. If you are feeling like you are on the fence on this one, skip it and rent it later, it can be enjoyed in both ways, and with how hot it is outside, any reason to avoid walking outside is a good reason.
3 Stars

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