30 Minutes Or Less Movie Review

30 minutes Or Less Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Low budget, low charm, low comedy.

Rated: R

Release Date: 12-Aug-2011

Nudity: Some boobs

I already have forgotten about 30 Minutes Or Less. The only reason I remember I saw it is I see the commercials for it on TV, and I have to write this review about it. If I didn’t have to dig deep into my brain to pull out what I saw to write a review about it I would of of never thought of this movie again.

30 Minutes Or Less isn’t a horrible movie, but it isn’t good either. It is just so average that there is nothing to remember about it. The comedy is only sometimes funny. The story is pretty weak, if kind of felt like a silly episode of some CW dramedy series. You don’t care about any of the characters. They attempted to add a love interest but it feels like an afterthought, that should of probably not been put in at all. It all was just a low budget slap together movie based on a very tragic story, that just didn’t deliver.

I am just not feeling this one at all. It isn’t a stoner movie, or a crass movie or a dark comedy, it isn’t anything. This is Sunday afternoon Comedy Central. This is not a movie anyone should pay for, and I really don’t think anyone really needs to spend their time on it at all. You will have forgotten about it by the time you fall asleep for the night.
2 Star Movie Review

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