Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Movie Review

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Fantasy horror that worked for me.

Rated: R

Release Date: 26-Aug-2011

Nudity: None

A horror movie with Guillermo Del Toro touching it in some way is going to have a certain feel. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark is no exception. Even with Guillermo in a producer role, it still has that twisted, fantasy feel of a world between worlds where demons and magic and horror all collide in a wonderful way that is both beautiful and frighting. This is something you have come to expect with the name Guillermo Del Toro and Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark doesn’t miss the opportunity to make those little perfect touches of fear.

With those little touches and the fantasy aspect of this movie, it is going to get a mixed review from me. It feels like it could be a scary movie, but I am not sure if it is. It has some scary parts, but the story, and the bad guys almost ruin it for you. It just feels a little too cheesy. It just misses the mark somewhere. I am pretty sure it is the “evil things.” I liked the little girl, played by Bailee Madison, she did great for as young as she was. It all felt like it should of been great, but it was just ok.

I want to love this movie, but I just can’t, and I can’t tell you why. I wish I could but it just didn’t feel complete. However I think that it is still good enough to watch. It felt original and inventive, and with everything coming out, sometimes that is enough to go to the theater. So I would say this is a matinee movie if you can make it out for it, just don’t expect the best horror in the world.

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