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Moneyball Movie Review

One Sentence: Sports movies are always so good. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 23-Sep-2011 Nudity: None This story, is less than 10 years old. Anyone who knows baseball, knows this story. You can look it up right now and know what happened in the movie without even seeing it. None of that matters. This is a […]

Straw Dogs Movie Review

One Sentence: The everyone makes dumb choices movie. Rated: R Release Date: 16-Sep-2011 Nudity: None So Straw Dogs, is a remake of a controversial movie made in 1971 starring Dustin Hoffman. I have not seen the original. The remake I think could stir the same kind of controversy due to some of it’s more aggressive […]

Contagion Movie Review

One Sentence: Wash your hands and cover your mouth. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 09-Sep-2011 Nudity: None There was an article yesterday about how Anti-bacterial products are damaging us, breaking down our own bacteria in our bodies and not allowing us to create it. Then there is the resistant germs from using this stuff. The drug […]

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