Contagion Movie Review

Contagion Poster

One Sentence: Wash your hands and cover your mouth.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 09-Sep-2011

Nudity: None

There was an article yesterday about how Anti-bacterial products are damaging us, breaking down our own bacteria in our bodies and not allowing us to create it. Then there is the resistant germs from using this stuff. The drug resistant Chlamydia in Japan, who knows what else is out there, or could just happen, like it does in Contagion.

1 Person becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 16 and before anyone dies, it is all around the world. A scary and very real possibility. Steven Soderbergh creates a world where something gets out and he makes it in a way that feels the most real. The miscommunication, the bloggers, the politics, the crowds, the fear and the death is all painted in a very real, very clear way. It makes you not want to be in a theater full of other people who are coughing and touching things you touched. It makes you want to put on a medical mask and never leave your house. It creates the fear that it intends to do, and it does it very very well.

Contagion is wonderfully tame and centered for it’s subject matter. It doesn’t ever feel rushed, or frantic, while dealing with rushed and frantic issues. While a lot is going on, you never feel lost or pressured to give up information, or worry about misdirection, you are given everything you need to know clearly and wonderfully, and it makes the movie that much scarier. You know what is happening and you can not stop it.

I would go see this movie this weekend if you can handle a little death. It is not specifically gory, but it is blunt and real, and it might be a little hard to deal with if you are not into that type of thing. If you are, then it is something that I would pay full price for this weekend.

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