Straw Dogs Movie Review

Straw Dogs Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: The everyone makes dumb choices movie.

Rated: R

Release Date: 16-Sep-2011

Nudity: None

So Straw Dogs, is a remake of a controversial movie made in 1971 starring Dustin Hoffman. I have not seen the original. The remake I think could stir the same kind of controversy due to some of it’s more aggressive scenes and choices of the characters. I do not find it as such, I find it disappointing and lacking in substance. That these people, were so devoid of good judgement that it isn’t even realistic. It is nothing more than an attempt at ultra-violence and some sort of statement, that fails to convey anything besides slow movie making that leads to some hard to watch scenes.

It is literally a downward spiral of choices that are not what any normal human being would do that lead to worse things and more bad choices. I found the decision making processes of characters in Jason X or any 80’s slasher movie, far superior to anyone in this movie. So we have an hour of slow set up where nothing happens, except these bad choices. They lead toward some messed up scenes, that leads to a final scene which is tense and messed up. That is the whole movie. I can’t get behind it in any way. I found it to be a waste of my time and I think it would be a waste of your time as well.

Sometimes it is hard for me to tell you to skip a movie. Not this time, you do not need to see this movie for any reason. You can pretend it never existed, never spend time on it, and let it fade away into the void of bad movies.

  • Jack Straw

    The original was great, but I will pass on the remake based on our review.

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