Real Steel Movie Review

Real Steel Poster

One Sentence: The best, worst mash up of Rocky, Transformers and and Over The Top.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: October 7th

Nudity: None

According to the credits this movie is based off of a short story, but they look like rock em sock em robots to me. Either way, this movie is pretty much about giant robots boxing, that humans control. It’s the next logical step from our current wheeled robots fights. Real Steel takes place just a bit in the future, and the progression of technology and robots felt very believable. It didn’t feel like Demolition Man with the super future, just an organic growth of technology a few years ahead.

So they did somethings right. The future and the robot fights. It was shot very well and the CG was amazing during those fights. The crash and bang and pieces flying all over the place, the robots getting destroyed, the intensity of a boxing match. This was all done extremely well. It was perfect. I would say go see this movie just for the fights, because that is the only reason to go see this movie.

The rest of the movie was this slow moving father and son plot that was overacted and super cheesy. It was everything Transformers 3 wasn’t. They gave the characters feelings, and opinions and this plot to slow down the movie and fill in time, which led to some very slow scenes where you were just hoping they would get back to the robot fighting.

So this movie is almost exactly 50/50 for me. The robots fights were some of the best CG I have ever seen in a movie. So if that is reason enough for you to go see this movie, then I would say go for it. If however you can not handle the slowed down parts, overacting, excessive tears, and a romance? then you might want to wait and rent it on Qwickster.

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