Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: The vampire Kardashian wedding movie.

Rated: PG-13, should of been R, it was very gory.

Release Date: 18-Nov-2011

Nudity: Some side shots style.

I know I am not the audience, I get it.  I have said this before about these Twilight movies, that I am not the target, but really, an hour long wedding scene?  This movie was just god awful.  I really can’t get over how terrible everything about this movie was.  I can not even fathom how you can justify 10 dollars for a ticket to see it, or spend the 2 hours watching it.  I just literally do not understand.

My brain is breaking.  My girlfriend also disliked it.  However another friend of ours loved it.  She also loves the Kardashians.  I just can not reconcile that movie with any person liking it in any way.

The movie is a weird green light to act like you are not married while two men fight over you who are beautiful.  You get to make terrible life threatening decisions and then men will almost die for you to help you fix them.  Is this the goal?  To literally almost die because you are an idiot and have a smart, strong man, take care of you and do everything for you?  Or two of them, and to be touching, hugging and cuddling with both of them after you are married?

I just hated this movie so much.   It was just the worst thing I have seen in a long time and I have seen the other Twilight movies.  It is not necessary for anyone to see.

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