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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie Review

One Sentence: Your master crafted Oscar contender. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 20-Jan-2012 Nudity: None Lets go over the list.  Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, A child with a possible learning disability, 9/11, A dead father, Writer Eric Roth, and many others that have worked on Oscar nominated and award winning films.  This is your power house […]

Contraband Movie Review

One Sentence:  Gone in 60 seconds on a slow boat. Rated: R Release Date: 13-Jan-2012 Nudity: None Ahh 2012, the top 10 lists are coming out, the Golden Globes are this weekend and this is the time where the movies get bad.  January through February is traditionally when the movie studios throw movies when they […]

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