Contraband Movie Review

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One Sentence:  Gone in 60 seconds on a slow boat.

Rated: R

Release Date: 13-Jan-2012

Nudity: None

Ahh 2012, the top 10 lists are coming out, the Golden Globes are this weekend and this is the time where the movies get bad.  January through February is traditionally when the movie studios throw movies when they are only ok, and hoping to make a profit on them.  I don’t know if Contraband should be lumped into this stereotype though, because I thought it was a fun crime action movie.

It was pretty much a pure action, low thought movie, but it was constructed well.  I had action, tense scenes and some touches of a smart heist movie.  It was enough to keep my attention for the almost 2 hour movie.  I never felt like I was having a bad time with it, even if the motivations of some of the characters did seem a little flawed.  This movie is really all I could ask for in a January movie.  Good enough to not suck, and fun enough for me to not have thought I wasted 2 hours.  This is pretty good for the first movie review of the year.

Even though the review is a positive one, I don’t think you need to rush to the theater to go see this movie.  It is a perfect rental movie.  It is not so great that you have to see it now, and it feels like the perfect movie to stay in with on weekend evening.  A little action, a little fun, and you save a bunch of money eating microwave popcorn instead of going to the theater.  So save your money after your Christmas spending and wait for this one on Netflix.

4 Star Movie Review

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