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Wanderlust Movie Review

One Sentence: You have been lied to a lot about this movie. Rated: R Release Date: 24-Feb-2012 Nudity: Some, lots of penis.  Jennifer Aniston is not naked even though she has been claiming it in interviews. I am pretty upset about this movie overall.  I am upset about the marketing.  I am upset about Jennifer […]

The Vow Movie Review

One Sentence: Not as hard to watch as The Notebook. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 10-Feb-2012 Nudity: Man Butt This weekend is the weekend all men fear.  They fear Valentine’s Day, are they doing it right, did they do the right thing, they have to go see The Vow.  I understand the fear.  A movie about […]

Journey 2 The Mysterous Island Movie Review

One Sentence: Better than Journey 1 for sure. Rated: PG Release Date: 10th Feb 2012 Nudity: None After the debacle that was the first Journey To The Center Of The Earth, I was not excited about seeing Journey 2 the return of the cash grab.  Everything about this movie seemed less than it’s horrible predecessor, […]

Big Miracle Movie Review

One Sentence: I do not remember this story in 1988. Rated: PG Release Date: 03-Feb-2012 Nudity: None I think just about everyone already knows if they want to see Big Miracle or not.  You already know how the movie is going to end, and you already know how the movie will play out.  The great […]

The Woman In Black Movie Review

One Sentence: The ghosts from Hogwarts got mean. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 03-Feb-2012 Nudity: None The Woman In Black is a February horror movie.  Starring Daniel Radcliffe it has some things going for it and some things that are standing against it.  First February horror movies in general are bad.  They are not good enough […]

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